Welcome to the world of Technicon Automation Products. Experience automation like never before!

An exciting range of products set to empower your professional life with their simple yet powerful features that will bring in a new spurt of efficiency in your work with absolute ease of usage.

Technicon e-Diary™

World’s first Electronic diary “eDairy” brings ease of handwritten pages with features of digital content management .

  • e-Diary - a revolution from conventional note taking, which gives you all that you've ever wanted and much more... your wish to say..."My Diary...My World!"

  • A Simple, Smart, Sleek & Stylish diary with a device that can capture your notes, stores them to memory and uploads them to PC when connected.

  • e-Diary - A device that captures handwritten notes on plain paper. Stores the notes to memory and uploads them to a PC. The 'e-Diary' comprises a paper notebook, a Digital Pen and a small receiving unit including flash memory.

  • e-Diary captures, saves and converts handwritten notes and diagrams to typed text, provides a wide range of searching options, and enables drawing, editing and writing on your PC. e-Diary - A product which is fully compatible with MS Paint giving you a wide range of flexibilities.

  • e-Diary provides industry leading note taking solution across the world. e-Diary allows accurate handwriting conversion and real time drawing interaction with PCs and Notebooks.

Technicon e-Chalk

A Portable Interactive Device , A Cost-effective way to create a Digital Classroom.

  • Portable enough to carry in your Laptop bag.

  • Easy to set up; you can set up an interactive whiteboard anywhere.

  • Keep record of all your presentations and post them for others to watch.

  • A cost effective way to create a digital class room.

  • e-Chalk works with your digital projector and any standard white board to create an interactive workplace where you can easily present, collaborate and build lessons

  • The portable receiver that can be mounted on any corner of the board supports up to 110 inches (9’ 2’’) of projection area.

  • The system includes a two-button stylus that allows a one-touch access to the ‘left & right click’ functionalities as well as showing and hiding the tool palette.

  • The e-Chalk software is simple with a set of powerful tools and breaks the paradigm of clunky software.

  • The customizable tool palette delivers the necessary functionality needed for the application in hand.