With our expertise in Business Automation Solutions and Application Software Development, we offer solutions that help our clients optimize their operational efficiency and make their processes and systems easily scalable and change friendly.

Our Business Automation Solutions cover the following:

Business Automation Solutions

  • Barcode Solutions with Printers, Scanners and Handheld Terminals.

  • POS/ Integrated Multipoint Billing Solutions.

  • Material Handling / Storage Systems and Solutions.

Surveillance & Security Solutions

  • CCTV / Fire Security and monitoring systems

  • GPS for Automatic Vehicle Tracking / Fleet Management.

Export Compliance Labeling Solutions

  • Different types of consumables like labels / tags / ribbons, which are manufactured to specifications.

H R M Solutions

  • HR Management systems with Attendance / Access Controls, Payroll and other application software for the SME businesses covering a cross section of industry segments.

Consumables (customized solutions)

  • The labels / tags can be of any size / type and can also be pre-printed.

Overview of some of our vertical-specific solutions:


Complete solution for monitoring of the processes from goods inward to the dispatch activity. The Raw Material Inward is tracked and the store is then updated for stocks. The issues to the production and the production output are monitored online for all the respective processes. The final product is tracked till the Finished Goods Stores. The sale order processing is done online and the dispatches are system driven. The complete activity is online and data updated immediately. The segments have been Garments, FMCG, and Automotive etc.


The Patient Registration and monitoring system is the need of the hour for all the Medical Institutions. From the time the patient is registered, the system is updated and the relevant movements are monitored. The visits to the consultants, diagnosis, treatment etc that are done are recorded and the patient history is recorded online. The medical records of the patient are tracked till the MRO and helps in retrieving the same at any point of time for various references or checkups.


The retail segment is the fastest growing segment and also with voluminous data and transactions. This calls for accurate and error-free transactions and system updates for various MIS analysis. We provide complete solution for the goods inward to the central warehouse and the distribution to the various outlets. The sales from the outlets are also monitored online and the data available online at any instant. This avoids manual coordination in data reconciliation and update. Some of the areas are food industries, Wholesales / Retailers of all products etc.


The monitoring of the personnel in any institution is a big activity and calls for proper backup systems for HR. We provide fully integrated Employee Management System to provide both the employee / employer with the needed information. The system covers the Attendance, Access Controls, Canteen Management, Contractor / Vendor Management customized to specifications. The system can be deployed with Biometrics / Smart Card based devices for foolproof monitoring.